About Us

Tree Service in Greer SCMy introduction to the tree industry  was when I was 11 years old and got my first job working for an Amish guy. He owned and operated one of the biggest sawmills around. He taught me how to log with horses, run his sawmill, and most importantly how to love my job.

At 18 yrs old, I started taking down trees for my grandparents, neighbors, and anyone else in our small town in Belfast, NY.

In 2013 I got an opportunity to move to Greer, SC, and I became a homeowner. I had to remove four trees in my backyard, and that’s how I became acquainted with my neighbors who asked if I could remove some trees for them. The biggest complaint they had about the local tree guys were, ‘They never showed up and if they did, they were unprofessional and did not have the proper equipment.’ And so began my tree service business. Just by being reliable and showing up on time, my “side business” began to flourish to the point I needed help. I asked my Uncle Paul to come and join me in this endeavor. We started out small with just some climbing gear and a pickup truck and by 2015 we had grown to a point where I hired one of my good friends Daniel Zamora to come and give us a much needed hand. By the middle of 2015 we were able to purchase a bucket truck, dump truck, and tractor. Then in June of 2016 we created the LLC,  D&D Tree Service and by July of 2017 my brother Ed joined our team which necessitated us to buy another bucket truck to keep up with the demand.

We are a close-knit family business that promotes an environment that teaches our children about important values like integrity, hard work, responsibility, and professionalism. We hope to build a strong foundation for their future as well as set examples for them to give back to their community. Leaving a strong, generational legacy is crucial to our company’s beliefs.

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